Gas & Electric Hot Water Systems

we can be at your residency or at your business within half an hour and our gas & electric hot water system fault finding experience experience is second to none…

Plumber Baulkham Hills’ hot water system repairs are backed by our 100% quality workmanship guarantee. We have years of experience in diagnosing and rectifying residential and commercial hot water system faults and we can rectify and repair all of your hot water system faults. If you need help fast then you can rely on us as we’re your local Baulkham hills plumbers’ & we can be at your residency or on site usually within half an hour.

Electric Hot Water System Repairs

Hot Water From Shower HeadThere is a myriad of reasons why your electric hot water system may not be functioning correctly. The symptoms of a failing electric hot water system range from hot water that only lasts for a few minutes to hot water that is simply not hot enough anymore. Some of the solutions for the systems can be quite simple and some will actually require the installation of a completely new hot water system.

Electric Hot Water Thermostats

Hot Water System PipeworkFaulty thermostat symptoms are usually associated with hot water temperatures that are just not hot enough. Although the hot water supply does last long enough the actual temperature of the hot water itself is below the optimal level as the thermostat is switching off the heater elements prematurely. We can quickly diagnose faulty thermostat issues and rectify hot water system thermostat faults for under $200.

Electric Hot Water Heater Elements

Hot Water Coming From TapThis is the worst case scenario for an electric hot water system as although heater elements can be repaired and replaced it can be a risky course of action as it is usually more viable to completely replace the entire electric hot water system. There is quite an amount of labour involved in replacing a heating element & the tank itself will fail & corrode well before the heating element has been put to good use.

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Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas Hot Water ThermostatWe have a vast array of knowledge on gas hot water systems and can easily diagnose your Baulkham Hills gas hot water system faults. Gas plumbing is a fine art and over the years we have mastered that art and consistently perform professional gas pipe repairs and installations with 100% guaranteed results. We have ample experience in installing all types and models of gas hot water systems and our mobile emergency hot water repair times are fantastic.

Gas Hot Water System Repairs

Hot Water System Temperature GaugePlumber Baulkham Hills’ gas hot water system repair services have been utilised by local business and residents for years and we’ve seen our fair share of hazardous gas faults. Leaking gas lines have the potential to cause serious damage and injury. If you notice that your gas hot water supply isn’t functioning correctly & notice any strange rotten egg smells around your premises then you may have a gas leak that requires immediate attention.

Pilot lights & Gas Water Heaters

Broken Gas Hot Water PipeGas hot water pilot lights do tend to go out periodically without warning. It’s usually from a very strong gust of wind that has hit your gas hot water heater at just the right angle & extinguished the pilot light however there may also be faults with your thermocouple or gas valve too. The pilot light probe also becomes clogged with soot too & if you’ve reignited your pilot light and it continues to go out then you need a licensed Baulkham Hills Plumber.

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