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e have a renowned local reputation of being amongst the best in the business. We are often called upon to rectify blocked drains in emergency situations and we have established relationships with many local real estate agents to whom we provide reliable & cost effective plumbing solutions. Our highly professional and timely service is complementary to our vast plumbing experience and knowledgeable expertise in all things associated with blocked drains and pipes.

Advanced Drain Unblocking Equpment

Drain Unblocking EquipmentOur advanced blocked drain diagnostic equipment allows us to quickly locate and identify the source of your drain blockages whilst totally eliminating the guesswork involved with providing highly accurate quotations. We utilise modern high definition CCTV cameras to thoroughly inspect and identify the different types of drain blockages before proceeding to unblock it with our vast array of effective unblocking equipment. We take the time to look at things from the customer’s perspective an offer unblocking solutions that are financially viable.

Performing plumbing work on blocked drains & pipes in Baulkham Hills is something we do every day & it’s also something we’re exceptionally good at. Clearing drain blockages correctly is an art form in itself and all our workmanship is carried out by licensed professionals & is 100% fully guaranteed.

Facts about Blocked Drains

Plunger & Blocked Pipe on Yellow SignThere are a few different methods to rectify a blocked drain and all methods have their advantages and disadvantages but we find that most Baulkham Hills customers are unaware of the options available to rectify drain blockages. The cheapest and fastest method by far is to clear the blockage via high pressure water jetting. This is a fast and cost effective method to rectify most residential blockages that have been caused by sediment and foreign particle build up.

Water Jetting Blocked Drains

House on a Yellow Hazard SignAlthough most foreign objects tend to become caught around tree roots that penetrate the pipe-work some foreign object blockages simply occur around tight bends. These types of drain blockages are easily rectified with high pressure water jetting as once the water Jetter breaks up the sediment which is usually comprised of hair and harden fat (from oils being poured down the sink) the solution to the blockage is permanent and very cost effective.

Clearing Drain Blockages

Leaking Tap on a Yellow Hazard SignAs the water Jetter also thoroughly cleans the insides of the pipe-work and completely breaks up the foreign objects causing a blockage it can be years before a blockage re-occurs from foreign build up. This is a perfect blocked drain scenario which can usually be repaired in under an hour and produce very long lasting results thanks to highly effective modern water jetting equipment. All existing materials causing the blockage are simply washed away.

Blocked Drains Caused by Tree Roots

Plumber Baulkham Hills can provide a variety of solutions to this age old problem which causes countless drain blockages. Some pipe
blockages caused by tree roots are so severe that no other viable option exists except to completely remove the affected section of pipe via
excavation and replace it with more durable PVC piping which comes with a 50 year guarantee against faulty manufacturing and deterioration.

In 75% of blocked drain cases excavation can usually be avoided or indefinitely postponed. Although the complete replacement of the affected area may be
the optimal solution to the problem it’s more often than not that our Baulkham Hills customers have better things to spend their money on. In scenarios like this we
still utilise the water Jetter to clear the initial blockage and cutaway most of the tree roots penetrating the pipework in combination with root cropping drills. After the
initial blockage has been cleared and the roots have been cut away your drains will flow freely again and all symptoms associated with the blockage will then subside.

In worst case scenarios dependent on the type of tree itself aggressive root regrowth into the pipe-work can occur again in as little as 100 days. Tree
species such as Willow, Locust, Sweetgum, Sycamore and Magnolias are the worst culprits as they have strong aggressive fast growing roots. In
most scenarios after the tree roots have been cleared via water jetting or root cropping equipment, regrowth will not occur within a year
and periodic chemical root killer treatments can be used as a counter measure against regrowth. Plumber Baulkham Hills can establish
a very affordable maintenance schedule which utilises effective chemical root killer treatments to ensure that regrowth
will not occur and best of all no harm at all will be brought up on the culprit tree or surrounding trees.

We give our Baulkham Hills customers a multitude of options to rectify blocked drain symptoms & are happy to rectify drain & pipe blockages in accordance with our client’s budgets. We understand that excavation work can be expensive so that’s why we provide alternate solutions.

Blocked Drains Caused By Broken Pipes

Broken Pipe IconThis is the worst case scenario as your blocked drains can be caused by severely damaged and misaligned pipe work which allows for root growth into the damaged sections very easily. The pipes may also be heavily damaged from ground and soil levelling which simply overloads the pipes with excessive exterior pressures causing them to completely crack in half.

This can cause a myriad of potential hazards around your home or business and can only be rectified by conventional excavation methods or via more modern methods such as pipe relining. Read more about our pipe re-lining services below.

Repairing Blocked Drains Via Excavation

Bulldozer IconAlthough conventional excavation methods can be the most expensive they’re also the most comprehensive form of repair as the old pipe work is completely replaced and not just patched up. Our sophisticated equipment allows us to pinpoint the location of damaged pipe work and reduces excavation work to a minimum and saves you money.

We then replace the damaged section of pipe work with highly durable PVC piping which is much more resilient to root penetration and cracking & comes with a 50 year guarantee. When you need the job done right then it’s time to give us a call.

Pensioner Discounts & Savings on Blocked Drains

Saving Money IconPlumber Baulkham Hills is also happy to provide pensioner discounts as we understand that elderly people reside in all suburbs and we factor in these variables into our pricing structures. We adopt a dual purpose perspective when providing blocked drain repair quotations as we understand that to fix a blocked pipe correctly may require excavation work but not all customers may wish to embark on financing such a permanent solution for a blockage that could be temporarily solved for a fraction of the cost.

We always provide the customer with all viable options available to rectify a drain blockage and our invoicing system is completely transparent. We respect the contribution that elderly people have given to society and we acknowledge that contribution with satisfactory discounts on all of our plumbing services for pensioners.

Baulkham Hills Pipe Relining Services

Broken Underground PipeWith today’s advanced plumbing technology a major sewer or storm water drain blockage needn’t cost you the earth anymore. The plumber Baulkham hills subdivision can reline your existing sewer and storm water pipes and save you thousands on conventional excavation repair methods.

We use high pressure water Jetters and tree root cropping drills to clear the initial blockage and then we reline the damaged section of the pipe with advanced impenetrable epoxy resins.


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